We are a multi-disciplined audit, consultancy
and training provider

We are a multi-disciplined audit, consultancy and training provider

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We offer a diverse range of training courses related to Management Systems Standards. Our courses cover areas such as awareness, internal auditor certification, implementation (including integrated systems), and lead auditor certification for the purpose of ISO Certification and UKAS Accreditation. We also provide customized training courses on topics like Quality Management (including Tools & Techniques), Quality 4.0, Organizational Excellence, Root Cause Analysis, Environmental Sustainability, Explosive Atmospheres, Asset Management, Asset Integrity Management, Inspection Management, Inspection Competence Management, Inspection Certification Management, Audit Competence Management, Process Approach, and Risk-Based Audit Programme Management. Our training programs are designed, developed, delivered, maintained, and continually improved to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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Find out more about our industry-leading
training services

We are committed to delivering exceptional services, adding value to our clients’ businesses, and ensuring compliance with international standards, statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements. With our expertise and global reach, we are your trusted partner for audit, consultancy, and training needs across various sectors.

Our Training Services

We specialise in providing training services for the following certifications

Attend our 1-day practical and highly interactive introduction to discover the main principles of management standards, integration into your business, and the relevance of ISO and API. Learn about process-based Management Systems, the importance of considering risk in planning, and how to use the PDCA model for continual improvement. In just one day, you’ll fully appreciate the business benefits of a Management System.

Standards we specialise in:

Our 2-day Internal Auditor training course teaches attendees to plan and conduct internal audits, enabling them to play a full and active role in ensuring compliance with ISO & API Standards, adequacy of the Management System, and identifying opportunities for improvement in processes and business operations. Internal auditing is fundamental for maintaining a management system and supporting continual business improvement.

Standards we specialise in:

Our 4-day Lead Auditor training course offers many benefits to organizations by explaining internal and external auditing concepts and requirements. Delegates learn audit activities through workshops and role plays covering various phases of the audit process, including planning, checklist development, conducting interviews, and reporting. The course aims to provide essential knowledge and skills for auditing management systems in line with ISO and API standards, while emphasizing practical experience in audit planning, performance, and reporting. It also addresses managing the audit program, assessing the effectiveness of the management system, and outlining follow-up actions for verifying improvements.

Standards we specialise in:

Our 2-day training course helps delegates implement an effective ISO/API Management System with a process approach, risk identification, performance evaluation, customer focus, continual improvement using PDCA model, and achieving certification. The course includes an Introduction to the chosen ISO/API on day one, covering key clauses and fundamentals of the management system. On day two, delegates learn the six phases of developing or converting a management system to meet ISO/API requirements, including gap analysis, identifying issues, policy development, integration, checking/measuring, and initiating certification. The course utilizes a case study simulation for a practical learning experience.

Standards we specialise in:

Discover the most commonly integrated standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001), and the benefits of integrating management systems in our 1-day Integrated Management Systems Overview training. Delegates will learn about process-based systems, focusing on the requirements of the afore-mentioned ISO standards. Workshops will explore common approaches to create an integrated system, covering quality, environmental, and health & safety management controls. Delegates gain a basic understanding of these core management system standards and the value of combining and streamlining their approach to management systems.

Standards we specialise in:

Gain skills and confidence in auditing an Integrated Management System (IMS) with our 2-day IMS Auditor training. Learn to assess compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards, identify performance improvement opportunities, and manage the entire audit process from schedule development to follow-up and closeout. Interactive workshops and case studies enhance practical learning and discussions about the benefits of auditing an IMS. Delegates will be equipped to undertake audits of integrated management systems after completing the course.

Standards we specialise in:

Attend our 2-day Root Cause Analysis training to learn how to identify and solve faults, failures, and undesired outcomes in processes and designs. This course introduces problem-solving tools like 8D, and 5 Whys for example, and offers interactive exercises and workshops to apply these techniques in real-world scenarios. By the end of the course, delegates will be prepared for typical workplace RCA practices, including problem identification, RCA tool selection, and report writing.

Our 1-day training covers essential aspects related to directives and regulations governing hazardous areas, including ATEX and DSEAR, as well as international schemes like IECEx. The objective is to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of hazardous areas, their classification, and the equipment used in these environments. The training begins with an overview of hazardous areas, emphasising their potential for explosions and the importance of proper safety measures. 

The course delves into ignition sources of gas and dust, as understanding these sources is crucial in mitigating risks. Participants are introduced to area classification, a vital process in determining the extent and nature of hazardous zones.

Categories, EPLs (Equipment Protection Levels), and marking are explained, as they help identify suitable equipment for specific hazardous areas. The training elaborates on different types of protection, both electrical and non-electrical, ensuring participants grasp various methods to safeguard equipment and personnel.

Moreover, the course addresses equipment designed for hazardous areas, discussing their functionalities and how they meet specific safety standards. Repairs and modifications of equipment are also covered, stressing the significance of adhering to proper procedures and compliance.

Throughout the training, participants are updated on the latest standards and changes related to hazardous areas and equipment, ensuring they stay current with industry best practices.

By the end of the training, attendees will have gained valuable knowledge on directives, regulations, and international schemes governing hazardous areas, as well as comprehensive insights into area classification, equipment selection, and safety measures. This knowledge will enable them to make informed decisions, implement proper precautions, and contribute to safer working environments in hazardous areas.

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ISO/IEC 80079-34 Lead Auditor Training Course

This course builds on the already established ISO 9001 Lead
Auditor training, exploring audit and quality management best practices, risk management, Ex compliance and Ex protection concepts in more depth.

ISO IEC 80079 Standard - Explosive Atmospheres

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