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We are a multi-disciplined audit, consultancy and training provider

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Standards  / /  API Q2

API Q2 standard - Oil & Gas Industry

API Spec Q2, 2nd Edition, is a quality management system standard specific to the oil and natural gas service supply organizations. Developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API), it outlines the requirements for organizations providing products and services to the upstream oil and gas industry, including drilling, well servicing, and production equipment.

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key principles of API Q2

  • Quality Management System: Organizations are required to establish and implement a robust quality management system that meets the specific needs of the oil and gas service supply industry.
  • Risk Management: The standard emphasizes the importance of identifying and addressing risks associated with product and service quality, safety, and operational integrity.
  • Competency and Training: Employees are required to have the necessary skills and training to perform their jobs competently and safely.
  • Equipment and Maintenance: The standard outlines requirements for equipment inspection, maintenance, and traceability to ensure equipment reliability and safety.
  • Service Quality Plans: Organizations are encouraged to develop and implement service quality plans to ensure consistent and high-quality service delivery.
  • Change Management: Procedures must be in place to manage changes to products, services, processes, and equipment to mitigate potential risks.
  • This standard is essential for companies providing services to the oil and gas industry, as it provides a structured framework for ensuring the quality, safety, and reliability of their products and services.
  • Compliance with this standard demonstrates a commitment to best practices in the oil and gas sector and helps build trust with customers and stakeholders in the industry.
  • Learn More about the American Petroleum Institute here.

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